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AudioPorn represents the lives from the perspective of a couple natives from San Francisco, having first generation ties, we talk about our inner city upbringing, from friends to family, to the mightiest of high’s, we aspire to create in every aspect of our lives. It’s authentic culture about our transitioning phase from our early 20’s/early 30’s while San Francisco’s tech boom continues to reshape the community. That weird stage of entering adulthood yet still very much young minded in many ways. We’re working professionals - in relationships, breaking up, dating, having fun, choosing to vibe out instead of going to the club, enjoying family and friends, and probably most importantly, striving for something better. Trying to really make the most out of this life. Our families worked hard and we keep that same dog and determination in our music and everything we do. That’s what AudioPorn is about and that’s what we want people to know.